We are opening up for Monday classes as scheduled! See you in Fredericksburg for the 8 AM classes!

We are moving forward with the Mid-Atlantic Turfgrass Expo. Please be safe and drive carefully. While some persons will be delayed getting to Fredericksburg and we will be slow to get operational, we expect to be fully functional by Tuesday morning.



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Pre-Registration is Now Shut Down as we are making final plans, printing name badges, preparing packets, and are packing to head to Fredericksburg!

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Banned Activity - Suitcasing

Suitcasing is when an attendee solicits business in the trade show aisles or other public spaces. Such activity is unethical, is not fair to vendors, and will not be tolerated. To distribute information or conduct business, you must be an exhibitor. M*A*T*E has the right to remove anyone who violates this policy.