Remember, all profits from M-A-T-E are donated to turfgrass research.

we are contacting 2018 vendors and giving you first option on your spot. The 2018 floor plan is available as a pdf. The 2019 floor plan will be similar.

Here are links to key forms - all booths come with a sign, table, and two chairs. NEW - Carpet is provided throughout the tradeshow floor!

1. List of Rules and Regulations for Vendors;
2. Order for Additional Electricity (basic amt. is made available to each vendor as part of booth fee);
3. Order for Forklift Use;
4. Drayage/Shipping Form;
5. Decorating Form (use this form to order carpet, extra tables, etc.); and
6. Banner Sign Form (use this form to hang your banner from the ceiling).


Thank you for your interest in being a vendor! The floor plan is below. You have two ways to pay:

Booth Price:  $950 each (three to five are $850 each).
Deduct 5% if full payment is received by July 1.
50% deposit must be received by July 1.

You have two ways to pay:
01. Download a pdf form to complete and return to us.

02. Use Paypal to pay for your booth (note - we use the "donate" button with paypal so you may enter the desired amount. This payment is not a donation) - we will contact you after payment received to get details regarding your booth(s) and attendees.


The 2018 Floor Plan is below. You must have Adobe flash (or its apple equivalent) to see the plan.